Women Bikers on a High

Women Bikers Training in CampHalli

Women Bikers on a High

Women Bikers Training in CampHalli

Event- Women bikers Training 

During one of the rainy October weekends, we had another event organized at the farm -training for Women Bikers. This time around it was set up by our new partners, BEYOND TARMAC. Beyond Tarmac, a company based in Bangalore, is into biking. They take interested bikers all the way to the Himalayas for biking in the mountains!! And how wow is that.
Theory Session for bikersThey found CAMPHALLI closer to the rough terrains which helps bikers to help discipline their ride and also experience the different phases of the terrain. They felt CAMPHALLI can provide a good trail for all those bikers who would want to travel with them to the Himalayas.
To prepare their clients for the Himalayas and also to provide lessons to new riders and encourage them, Beyond Tarmac trains individuals to help them build their stamina and confidence to bike in any terrain possible. As part of that, Beyond TARMAC organized an all women bikers training session in CampHalli on the 19th and 20th of October. Women from different walks of life had enrolled for the event. It was a 2 day event.

Kick Start the Training

training the bikers


The team and participants arrived by around 8.30 am in the morning. Post a simple breakfast, the sessions started off. The event was broken into 4 sessions. The first session was theory about biking, the second session was about how to handle a bike, the third session was understanding the terrain and handling bike on the terrain, the fourth session was practically taking off on the bike and they had a final session where the ladies biked on the terrain.

Bike Training Sessions

In the first session, the person in charge Pali, gave a briefing of what to expect and otherwise in a bike ride. He went on to explain the dos and don’ts of bike riding. He was at its best giving his experience with various situations one can find self while travelling in areas like Leh, Ladakh or Manali. His presentation was both hilarious and quite an amount of knowledge sharing. It seems he was with the automobiles for most part of his life. His understanding of the beast was very deep. He explained in Training Bikersdetail the important parts of the bike, the science behind them and ways to use them. He explained what can be done in situations beyond control and also addressed issues which women feel, are usually beyond them to address.

Words from a fellow Woman Biker

A lady who was part of Pali’s group, spoke more about what as women riders, one need to practice and what precautions they need to take. She mentioned how important it was for anybody, who have just started off learning biking, to allow themselves and their system to get used to bike rides, instead of giving up on it on a whole. She shared her experiences and her learning.
After that, Pali took over again to explain the safety measures one needs to keep in mind and how important it was to keep mind, body and soul strong for a safe ride.

While at it, vegetarian food was served. It was very simple and basic food served.

Practicles of biking

Post lunch, the 5 volunteers bifurcated the participant team into 3 groups. There were 3-4 bikes that were brought in to help the bikers learn. The team demonstrated to the participants to work on how to put a stand on to their bike and park it. They emphasized that, when one masters this trick, it means they have mastered 50% of handling the bike. They allowed the participants to try balancing the bike and park it on the center stand.
After that few tips and techniques of how to kick start the bike was taught and then the team and participants went out onto the field, prepared for biking.

The Patch for training

This patch of the field was prepared couple of days prior to the event there. The land was dug up and rollers were used to flatten the land. However, due to rains, the patch was haphazardly ready. On the day of the event, the organizers took their cars and ran them on the land to prepare the land. They sort of tried to roll the land to make it flat again. The organizers were careful not to harm any trees around. In this patch, the organizers got a temporary shade set up to help the riders rest.

For biking


On the field, ladies got to experience riding the bike. The trainers were more than happy to help them kick start the process.

 There seemed quite a lot of progress achieved by the women participants while riding the bike.

As the day progressed, the team retired. In the night they got to merry around the campfire.

Endeavors pays off

Day 2 again began with a lot of enthusiasm. As the team of participants geared up to take on their riding skills, they seemed beaming with their achievements from the previous day.
Post lunch as part of the last session, the participants who were now confident about their riding skills got to ste

p out of the farm land on to the village roads to experience and gain confidence. I truly could understand the thrill and excitement the

y must have had while riding outside on the village roads.

They were are all given certificates for their participation.

Respect for the trainees

As a host for me it was a different experience. I am not a bike rider, not even a cyclist; but I liked the enthusiasm and energy the ladies put in. Their efforts were definitely an inspiration. Any reader by now must have understood, my lack of knowledge about biking as I haven’t used any technical terms related to biking. Although Suraj, one of the organizers of the event, did try to teach me to park the bike, the lame me found it hard to punch it down. Or possibly I have decided am not game for it. I am happy being a “pillion” rarely though.


Off Road Tracks for biking

However, my husband, who was himself a Thunderbird rider once may have anticipated their coming and hence ensured to pave way for a 5 kilometer thrill off road track in the land.
Well for all those amazing riders, CampHalli is now open for thrill rides. You can ride on the highs and lows amidst the mountains, forest and farm area to enjoy biking. There is ample patch of ground prepared for all you riders who would like to practice their biking. Join us and Beyond Tarmac for a thriller ride across the farm and on the tract.
See you soon. Till then Bye!!

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