Trekking in CampHalli

Trekking In CampHalli Near Bangalore

Trekking in CampHalli

Trekking In CampHalli Near Bangalore

Experience trekking in CampHalli near Bangalore to enjoy the coolness of mountains.

Trekking here will open many new gates unexplored in your life path. Walking is a healthy way of living. However, walking in the midst of nature with variety of birds, never heard of before, chirping around freely is a different experience all together.

What is trekking?

Trekking is a different kind of walk that one takes in mostly unexplored unaffected nature. Such surroundings are invariably inhabited by rare birds and animals. Usually trekking is undertaken in high mountain ranges. However, that may not be totally conducive for beginners in trekking. 

Trekking in CampHalli

Walking is a highly effective way of maintaining one’s body, mind and soul sanely. It has been pr

oven time and again about the super effects of walking.

Trekking to Get a Nice View of Nature-

Everything around is cement forest. Many cities and towns, in the name of development and advancement are relatively burdened by air, water, light and sound pollutions. Irrespective of one’s needs, the greed of wanting to have more and more is encompassing human being. However, the eternal nature of human being yearns for nature and beyond. These could possibly be termed as one’s spiritual Trekking in CampHallineeds. In all its earnestness, Nature provides various paths to help us address our every need. While trekking in the forest or across mountains, one can get a beautiful view of the surrounding nature, where in one gets to experience the beautiful noises of the chirping birds, flying insects within the unknown wilderness.

Trekking to explore the ecosystem –

Mother Nature is made of many different kinds and species of birds, animals, insects, plants, and many more. It is a beautiful feel, to explore these. Sitting in one place, one will never get a resplendent view of these different species, how then can one explore being stagnated in a place. When trekking, one can come across a variety of these species – birds, animals, plants et all. This explorations lead to many learnings and experiences, which would help one appreciate

mother nature more. This exploring also helps one understand how eco system works and the inter dependency amongst different species of life which includes human being too.

Trekking for good Health –

Trekking is a kind of walk, just that it is walking in Yonder and it could take to places one may never have dreamt of and it’s kind of exploring self while exploring mother Nature too. This trek in the nature helps one to reduce

one’s stress levels while also aiding one to get themselves to practice walk. These kinds of treks are usually undertaken in places where pollution wouldn’t really affect one due to excessive natural greenery everywhere. Thus, a simple trek ensures your lungs are cleaner and have been exposed to pure air and water.

Trekking to stay closer to Mother Nature –

Mother Nature is sacred and is the biggest resource holder. Irrespective of how She is treated, She has been always kind enough to take care of every living entity by providing for their requirements in full. However, She too has needs to be attended too. If Mother Nature is not taken care now, it would not be possible for future generations to access Her in full. To understand our prerogative duty towards Mother Nature, it is important to wander with her. Trekking is one positive manner with which we can get closer to Mother Nature to understand Her better.

Trekking to survive –

Survival of the fittest – a proverb which has mostly seen live examples in every person’s lifetime. Urban life is taxing. It’s taxing for the employers, employees, investors, businessmen, politicians. Everyone. However, a quick change in one’s lifestyle or a Trekking in CampHalliquick holiday can definitely bring a freshness onto one’s mind, body and soul. Trekking in the wilderness, is definitely a way to re-live, relieve and regenerate self. India is a land to be explored. Every 30 minutes demography, culture and language in India vary. As much even the ecology is unique. This uniqueness among everything else and the culture of interdependence is very much in existence in this sub-continent. Trekking helps one to reconnect not just with nature but also with fellow human beings, which is in many a cure from one’s stress and loneliness.

Trekking for the thrill of it –

Trekking in the wilderness, amidst nature, exploring the virtues of nature, while also trying to explore the unknown side of self; Trekking for the thrill of it. The thrill of walking in the forest, or in the unknown. The thrill of meeting the unknown, the thrill of facing the unexplored, the thrill of tracing the unattended path, while exploring the adventurous side of the mountains. Trekking is a pleasure as one gets to see the wild in its best form while also appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature.

Trekking to improve relationships –

Will trekking really help improving relationships?? !! Well to think about it, it should definitely help. While trekking, one gets a lot of time for self-pondering and to get involved in talks with fellow humans apart from the variant electronics. Staying away from electronic communication these days is a blessing. Having the opportunity to restrain self from such hinderances while interacting with fellow humans and living entities is a blessing. As few minutes of staying away from these electronics, as Off road in NimaiValleyproved by the medical sciences, is beneficial both for body and mind.
When interacting with fellow humans, it will definitely help people understand the ease with which people connect without the need of getting involved in disparagements.

Trekking in CampHalli Near Bangalore –

CampHalli, a farmhouse near to Bangalore, due to it being close to a forest, hasn’t been totally explored. This farm is a 65 acre land, where in the care takers have defined three different trek paths keeping in mind the different kind of people who would want to explore trekking here. Trekking in Camphalli is bound to string in more strings than one would ever expect. One of the trekking trails takes the trekker across the forest area to visit a beautiful Shiva temple located right behind the farm. This temple, has a tank which collects water directly from the mountains above, the taste of which is bliss.

The Panchagiri mountain range for trekking-

Chikkaballapur, a town close to Bangalore city, has many historically relevant places to its credit. As one legend holds, a part of Drona Giri mountains, the mountain range that Lord Hanuman was carrying from the Himalayas to SriLanka to revive Lord Lakshman’s health, fell in this area. And the same mountains are today known as the famous panchagiri mountain range of Chikkaballapur. These mountains are famous for their herbs, and their scenic beauty. The land on these mountains is very fertile, with water from mountains directly pass through here. Many people plan their trek up the Skanda Giri and Nandi betta in advance. Trekking in CampHalli can work as a stepping stone for people to trek up the higher mountain ranges.

CampHalli, part of the valley of the PanchaGiri Range –

These mountain ranges are made of many forests, water bodies and beautiful sceneries. The CampHalli farm is part of the valley of these mountain ranges. The care takers of this farm have ensured that the natural ups and downs in the farm are maintained intact, thus making trekking in Camphalli an experience one cannot miss out on.

Fields @NimaiValley

The CampHalli farm provides an ethereal view of the mountains and forests surrounding it. Many birds visit this farm where natural farming is practiced.

CampHalli’s Natural Beauty maintained –

CampHalli is open for farm stays where visitors can either choose to live in farmhouse or in camping tents. And then shoot off in the morning for a pleasant trek up the mountains. While horses, dogs and cows are residents at this farm, there are monkeys, squirrels, cats and rabbits are regular visitors here. Peacocks and many forest birds come in here on regular basis.

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