Night Camping in a farm

Night Camping in Bangalore Farms

Night Camping in a farm

Night Camping in Bangalore Farms

Night Camping in Bangalore Farms-

Camping is a resoundingly genuine way of relaxing while lying in the lap of Mother Nature. Nature is a cure for many things. Nature provides the best nourishment for mind, body and soul. Peace, tranquillity, stars, friends, campfire, pure air and the calming jeers of the crickets- all of this make up the night camping in a farm.

Night Camping in Bangalore or camping provide nourishing solitudes –

Many of us, are engrossed in our urban or work life that we forget the importance of providing peace to our minds. It rarely stops thinking. Thoughts, either positive or negative lead to some kind of stress. Relieving it is important. Taking an off, rushing away to the midst of nowhere, with only the night tranquillity being part of you, a kind of solitude near the farm is what one treats off self to. This can be a way to serve your journey inward or providing a waywardly get away towards your inner serenity. It definitely doesn’t require you to be complete loner with in the farm to experience this.

Night Camping in Bangalore under stars-

Star watching is a bliss. Stars are one of the best companions one can cherish. Watching them, in a clean clear environment, with nothing between the stars and self is a cherishing experience. The benevolence of stars brightly shining above us while laying down on a green patch of land could be pretty mystic in all of its glorious experience.

Night camping in Bangalore with Campfire-

Campfire for some reason, brings in a lot of joy. People, since time immemorial, be it in India or elsewhere have always lit a campfire to celebrate and enjoy with dear ones. The recent Harvest festival season that concluded may have been the first to help people enjoy around campfire while throwing things unnecessary for them. Dancing around the campfire is a joy. Drums, musical instruments of any kind can only add to this enthusiasm.

Activities accompanying Campfire-

Around campfire many activities are carried out. One of them is karaoke. Song, dance and merry is all that it needs to make it one memorable event with friends and dear ones.
Different kinds of foods can be directly cooked in the campfire. BBQ along with campfire is an added treat.

Night Camping in Bangalore for fresh and pure air-

Taking a deep breath of fresh air is a blessing today. Night Camps in the farm, provides an opportunity for one to have that privilege of experiencing and inhaling pure fresh air. One such breath sanctifies our whole being.

Night Camping in Bangalore to experience pure water from the mountains –

Water is in its purest form when it trails down the rocks and mountains (which possibly is its point of origin). Most mountains in South India, are home for natural herbs. These waters that pass through such mountains carry these minerals from the herbs. One’s body is truly perfected if he/she gets to consume such pure herbal water. This water does not need to go through any kind of filtration process. Although, the change in water, may sometimes be hard for the body to adjust leading to minor colds.

Nature camping to experience Natural foods-

Indian mountains are rich in herbs and minerals. Indian Soil is rich in minerals especially iodine is present in the soil across the country. Hence, when Indians can get access to purely grow food, then we do not need to consume extra iodized salts which are otherwise harmful to our kidneys.
Natural foods or raw foods have been, for long time now, considered the best kind of food. These foods are easily accessible in such farms and need no cooking. They can be easily carried around.

Nature Camping for Night/Day treks-

When we say camping in a large farm, such farms will invariably be attached to trekking paths within or outside the farm. The thrill of going deep inside woods is different when it’s dark. One’s adventurous side can be explored while trekking towards the unknown in the unknown.

Night Camping is one of the best modes of chilling out with dear ones-

Be it campfire, or BBQ or trekking, or dancing or sharing food. Wouldn’t it make even more pleasant if the company is our family, friends or the ones who care for us. A shoulder to laugh and lean over on; the company who understands us, walk with us and just be around us.
Many farms are part of valleys. The Deccan plateau is famous for its beautiful landscape. This area is also very vibrant. Deccan plateau is laden with many historically relevant places. The forests and mountain ranges here have a variety of animals and birds visiting here. Elephants, tigers, boars, peacocks, are all part of this ecology. Exploring their natural habitat could in a way be exploiting them. However, living close to their habitat without harming their peace is a possibility.
The six seasons has a beautiful effect on our Deccan Plateau. With each passing season, there is something new to look forward to.
Take a step to learn and explore our country more while earning cheapest possible nature escapades.

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