Corona-Free Camps

Join Hands for Self-Sustaining Virus-Free Life

Corona-Free Camps

Join Hands for Self-Sustaining Virus-Free Life

Join hands with EarthlyLife to make world more safer for us and our future ahead. Learn All About Camphalli’s Super Awesome Relief Camps.

Corono Virus- Impact-

Corona VIRUS has had its impact across the world. The virus is affecting many across the world.  Our economies’ has been at its’ wits end. Yet as positive humans, there have been many of us who have welcomed this change. Less pollution, lot of animals and birds around, lots of free time – as if we have started to live again having assumed that living in present is truly beautiful. Most of us are finding solace in the company of our loved ones with whom otherwise we wouldn’t think of opening up.  Many are trying to find out many practical ways to spend time qualitatively.

Corono Virus- Economy-

With all this learning, we still aren’t being able to forget what the future holds for us. The impromptu minds of ours make us wonder about the economic future of ours and our loved ones. While we cannot ignore that bit, we still have to ens

Corona-free Camps at CampHalli

ure that we are safe. World scientists have declared that Corona Virus would take a good one year to completely be brought under control. It would be quite not practical for the world Governments to keep the countries to be under lockdown for such a long time. Well, as fellow human beings, the best thing we can do currently is to return the love of Mother Nature and provide each of us a chance to relish, relive and cure self in Her womb.

Possible Solutions-

Living in the nature, working hard, playing, laughing and eating right with our loved ones, who matter the most is what one can gift self and to those who matter the most to us. Earthly-life, is just trying to make this a possibility.

Cycling in NimaiValley

World has sat up and are praising we Indians for the composure being shown by we the citizens of India under the wonderful leadership of our Prime Minister. For the PM chose we the people and our animals over economy. It is really appreciable the way we the people were able to contain self and in every way responsible for the limited growth of the VIRUS although we had to face situations of stupidity across the country.

What to Expect at CampHalli-

By and large, there still is a need to build spaces for people to get away to such places which are safe enough; yet not make them feel confined. Farms alone can accommodate this.  EarthlyLife has come up with a unique concept of providing unique houses or shelters that can accommodate family of 4, bachelors, couples, elders at their farms. These shelters will be spaced out enough to provide the required distance and at the same a privacy that a family might need. Earthly Life is tying up with an Ayurveda shala and hence will have 24*7 medical support right at their farm premises. As part of the pilot project, they plan to start this at CampHalli, Chikkaballapur.

CampHalli –

Located in Chikkaballapur, 30 minutes from the Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore, CampHalli  is a self-sustaining farm, which depends on indigenous cows for growing its food. CampHalli is located within a valley amidst the Pancagiri mountain range. 

Bullock Cart Ride at CampHalli



Here water, nature, animals are all available for us to understand the co-existence of all living entities. 

The main intention behind CampHalli is to understand how everything can be grown within a farm and the same can be replicated in a smaller scale in a house.

Join Us

Earthly Life is inviting individuals interested to join them in this journey of theirs. They welcome individuals to partner with them to build an eco-rich farm stay. Here holistic shelters, food and environment are made available; for all those who approach them. This kind of services will be provided at the best possible prices possible. There will be meditation halls and a temple, Gym, play-ground, and other adventure sports.

You can choose to either donate or partner with us. For more information please check our Corona-Free Camps for more information. To check how you can join the journey check out our pricing page.

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