Funding for Coronavirus Prevention Camps

Coronavirus-free Safe Camps

Corona scare is for real. Unless taken care of one own self with proper exercises to maintain their respiratory system, it would be difficult to combat the situation. However, what possible solutions can one come up with to combat health issues that the world is up fighting against? There seem to be very limited solutions possible. Camphalli’s effort is towards arranging Coronavirus-free Camps. So what does Corona do? It is believed that Coronavirus or COIVD-19 enters our body and takes a minimum of 15 days to grow and manifest. It attacks our immune system and our respiratory systems. This virus, seemingly might take a good one to two years to be completely removed from our environment.

Although it’s easy for each of us to work with our own-self to be away from our body becoming vulnerable to any kind of viruses, it would be difficult for children and elders over the age of 60 to contain themselves in the same manner. However, they can be provided with the best atmosphere which allures positive energy and thus increasing their immune system. It is an age-old saying in India that positive energy and right thinking can be made available through strong prayers, spiritual practices, and right associations. And that positive energy can be transmitted. It travels just as the sound energy does.

So how can we achieve this to collectively eradicate the viruses out of our systems? Well, there are many organizations that have come up with many solutions. Earthly life, located in Chikkaballapur has come up with a unique concept where families can feel protected and at the same time enjoy their time alone, the coronavirus-free camps.

How is this achievable-?

Earthlylife will bring under its belt farms and resorts located in the sub-urban areas of all major cities, pan-India. And in these farms, we plan to build eco-friendly shelters which could be luxury tents, luxury eco-friendly earth huts, semi-luxury tents or huts, and basic tents. These shelters will be built in a manner where every need of individuals in a family would be addressed. Along with this, at the farm; based on one’s age, individual requirement and body Stamina their exercise, food and day would be tailor-planned and executed. Each of the visiting guests will be given individual attention as would be required. As a pilot project, we plan to implement this at our partner farm CAMPHALLI.

To achieve the above, apart from the shelters, CampHalli plans to have a meditation center, temple, Goshala, play zones with limited occupancies, Yoga and Ayurveda shelters.

EarthlyLife intends to provide the best possible solutions to each of the guests there.

What Staying in the Farms Can Do?

Staying on the farm would mean staying amidst nature full of greenery. And EarthlyLife will tie up with farms that grow food naturally without the use of chemicals. Farms bring in a lot of love. Just watching the pleasant greenery around can make one feel at peace. It is something that can elevate the inner spirits of a person. We, when staying at the farm, get to understand the birds, trees and the waters there. The morning chirping and cooing of the birds will work as a background for one’s practices.

Cattle @NimaiValley 01The farm is a house for cows. Where there are natural practices being implemented, indigenous cows will invariably be there. The cow dung and the cow urine that comes from these cows purifies the whole of the farm. This is scientifically proved. As both the dung and urine of the cows have antiseptic elements in them.

The Shelters-

Shelters at Earthlylife are designed to provide minimal level to maximum level comforts within a farm. While cotton would be used for camp tents, earth materials with limited chemicals will be used to build pukka shelters. Inside a camp tent, there will be a bed with a mattress along with all basic amenities provided within the tent or within an accessible range. A pukka shelter too would have all amenities within including a bath. Each of these shelters will have their own benefits and each of them will provide the required privacy.

Food –

Another most important ingredient that helps us strengthen our immune system and our respiratory system is the food that enters us. Food converts into energy. The required minerals from the food get broken down into tiny elements that merge with the blood and those elements enter our nervous system. So food impacts our brains as well as our physical being. And thus what we take in is what we become of.

Campfire -CampHalli

For humans, a rigid food system has been defined and which was followed in India from time immemorial.

The same is being accepted across the globe today, thanks to the situation the world is in today.

At EarthlyLife, the right tasty food would be provided for every guest based on the diagnosis results. And locally grown vegetables and grains would be used to prepare the food.

Yoga and Ayurveda –

Prince Charles was cured of Corona Virus using Ayurveda practices in the UK. When this can be true for the future king of England, wouldn’t the same apply for every human across the globe irrespective of what the virus is?yoga

We at every location of ours will implement all Ayurveda practices and uphold them in the most righteous manner. Ayurveda, Yoga, and Pranayama are a way of life which needs to be put in everyday practice. EarthlyLife, has made itself a promise to ensure, every guest who comes to our Corona-Free camps will embrace these practices.

What we need from you –

EarthlyLife plans all these to help individuals recognize the need to respect Mother Nature and uphold the best practices while dealing with Her and one own-self. However, we will not be able to achieve this, if we try to walk this path alone. This is our practical experience. We have failed once already trying to achieve this beautiful idea on our own. Hence, we the people behind EarthlyLife are today approaching our fellow countrymen to help us, bring this thought to action. We are calling for funds for our corona-free camps, simply to make our today, tomorrow and every day further a better place, where better minds and bodies can be nurtured to help each of us implore on one own-self, a better reasoning, and brighter life for a better future.

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