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Corona-Free Camps

Corona-Free Camps

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India stands united in the welfare of its fellow citizens. In these difficult days of a global pandemic COVID-19, again we stand together to fight against it and to restore normalcy as soon as possible. As everyone throughout India, including the government and the noble citizens are putting up efforts to spread relief, Camphalli came up with the idea of Corona-Free Camps. These camps are your best bet to stay safe and to conquer over the disease.

Why Corona-Free Camps ?

  1. Many scientists around the world have already confirmed that Corona virus can spread upto 8 meters in Air (27feet).
  2. India is still facing a lot of struggle in proactively testing people.
  3. Living in Indian cities can be a big risk and a threat to life in the upcoming weeks
  4. Earthly life community is offering Corona-Free Camps and Shelters throughout India for people who believe in prevention.
Covid map

What are Corona-Free Camps?

  1. Nature friendly farms in rural India
  2. Mostly surrounded by forests and woods on all sides
  3. Totally isolated from city crowd
  4. Locally grown natural food
  5. 50ft Min distance from each shelter
  6. Fully compliant with any government rules, orders or regulations that place restrictions on hosting during COVID-19.

The Rules for Campmates:

  1. Entry to our camps is allowed only for those who are tested (-) negative for Corona Virus at designated testing centers
  2. Campmates must adhere to all cleaning protocols created with guidance from medical experts.
  3. Must Live at our temporary camps for the First 5 days after the 1st test
  4. Take COVID 19 retest after 5 days at our designated testing centers
  5. Move to our permanent camps when tested -ve on retest
  6. Cooperate for regular tests at the permanent camps


  1.  Clean Stay
  2. 50ft Min distance from each tent or shelter
  3. 24*7 water supply
  4. Limited Power supply
  5. Dedicated and Shared toilets
  6. Hygienic food
  7. Guided Sports and Fitness
  8. Regular tests
Activities at CampHalli, farm near Bangalore
Night Camping in a farm

Learn All About Camphalli's Super Awesome Relief Camps

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Average price per head per month for a luxury campsite and simple campsite come to 30K INR and 15k INR respectively.

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