Camping near Bangalore

Camping near Bangalore

Camping is now a catching up trend. What is camping all about?

Many of our fellow humans are trying to understand nature by wanting to live amidst nature. What better way to do it, if not camping. Camping allows us to feel Mother Nature, as if sleeping in her womb.

Camping is sort of a paradigm shift from sleeping in a cozy encapsulated air conditioned rooms to just enjoying the warmth of what Mother Nature has to offer. The experience is something that cannot be merely jolted down in simple words.

Total off from Work-

It’s a busy day out there. Every day throws new challenges which we embrace and exasperate selves in a way to grow, learn and develop our own-self both economically and personally. As part of this growth, there has to be a day or two of break-away from the routine. And one of the best ways to do so is by living in the nature to soak in the warmth, the natural bliss and beauty. This in itself helps one rejuvenate from the weekly stress. This is a required mental-health break.

Having Real Interaction-

It’s a social media world today. Everyone is in touch with another only through social media. It is good in many ways, but it comes with its own set of cons. Although a family goes on an outing to a restaurant or a fun place, all including the children are busy with their tools either playing games or communicating with someone else not present there. There is sort a vacuum filled in between relationships. There is no real talk or indulgence happening. The space has been occupied by social media. Camping or being amidst nature away from the sways of the social media, could help you rekindle your lost connect with your dear ones.

Sort of Healing in many ways-

Healing happens not with help of medicines, but by one’s own efforts supported by the ambience around. Breaking away from everyday anxieties, stresses and self-induced obligations, is important for a stronger and better self. Anything that can bring about a smile onto us, a peace that seems everlasting, a feeling of self-indulgence in the right manner; soaking in the pure air- all these simply helps you heal self. Camping in nature is in many ways works in the same manner.

Best way to work with children-

Urban life today is dormant. Children are tending towards lesser and lesser physical activity. Children are being more and more indulged with their books, internet and mobile phones. Physical activity needs to be improved among the children for their better health and physical strength. Children are our future and it’s important for them to learn how to work. Camping gives a robust experience for children to understand how to exhume their energies channelized in the right manner.

Camping is Cost effective and ensures ease of mobility-

The easiest way for me to travel is having my own camping tent and sleeping bag. A person in possession of these 2, and knows how to survive in the harshest of environments, is the luckiest. He/she need not worry about hotels and their prices. Irrespective of that, any place which offers camping is much lesser in comparison to hotel living. Camping, helps one to be mobile without restrictions.

These are just few of the perks of camping. But with mobility that camping tents provide, in certain places it’s more of a necessity.

With many options available in and around Bangalore for camping and campsites, now is the best time to explore camp-stay.

Author– Pushpa P

Founder –CampHalli

CampHalli provides camping space, camping sites and farm-stays for your camping needs near Bangalore. We also arrange for trekking and tours to visit points of interest in and around the place of your stay.

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