About CampHalli

About CampHalli

CampHalli- Farm stay or Camping Sites near Bangalore

Scenary @NimaiValley

Imagine, being woken up by the shouts of peacocks. Imagine, waking up looking at the first rays of Sun. Imagine, running amidst green meadows. Imagine, swinging on a tyre tied to a rope amidst a field full of green grass. Imagine, feeding green grass to the cows with your bare hands. Imagine, playing with the calves, running around with the dogs carefree; in an open land. Imagine, going to bed looking at the galaxy of stars as if they are the roof. All of this and much more at CampHalli. Visit us today to book your farmstay or campsites near Bangalore.

Come!! Delve the purity and serenity of nature. Experience the all forgiving Mother Nature, who is waiting to teach us about her and how she wants to be treated.

off Road Tracks at NimaiValley

About NimaiValley- Farmstay near Bangalore

CampHalli Map V1

CampHalli Map

The site is 30min drive from Airport and surrounded by forest on 3 sides with few lakes within the property. Uttara Pinakini river stream flows within land. We host rare indigenous cows and all kinds of fruit trees grown in natural farming methods.  

We have shelters to protect the tents during the monsoon season. We have a simple farm house,1200sft conference hall, a large activity shed, total 7 toilets, lot of tents and activity material. Full-time staff available to support in hospitality, cooking, cleaning and trekking activities.

Camp History

December 29, 2018
New season starting

Today, CampHalli offers Farmhouses, Camping tents, trekking trips, team building activities while helping people also understand the importance of Cows in our life. CampHalli believes that Service to Mother Nature is service to the mother land and to the society at large.

August 1, 2018
Activities infrastructure created

This was our first step into CampHalli. We decided to rename the farm as NimaiValley and implement a concept called CampHalli. Camphalli is a win-win situation while we continue our service to the cows. Around this period, we started the Zero Budget Natural Farming at NimaiValley.

June 6, 2017
Struggle to feed the cows

As we struggled to feed the cows properly, we started giving away our cows to other Goshalas which were in a better position than ours as we lacked knowledge and financial support.

May 25, 2015
First season starting

We got as many as 100 cows to the farm around this period which already was housing 20 cows. It was a period of struggle. There were personal losses as well as the finances for the cows needed to be handled.

July 1, 2013
Camp created

We started CampHalli as Sevavanam back in 2013. We started this as a Goshala to serve the cows which were being draged away to slaughter houses. They were mostly aged cows.

Our Team

Special Features

Unique Camp Store

Snacks, soda, souvenirs, gifts, supplies, firewood, ice (no tobacco or alcohol available)

Nightly Group Campfire

Join us for days of singing, cooking out on the campfire, games, unique arts and crafts and so much more!

Restrooms & Showers

Compact and easy to use. Place in a sunny location, allowing the warmth of the sun to warm your shower water!

Free Wireless Internet

We have 5 wifi antennas on the ground to cover camping and thus allow you to remain “connected” via our network

Bike Rentals

You are planning an epic road ride into the mountains? Campgrounds has the perfect rental bike for you


Come and enjoy traditional playground activities including arts and craftsasports and day trips

Frequently Asked Questions

Within the Camphalli Campus

Its a 60 acre campus. We have successfully hosted upto 200 size groups

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