Farmhouse In Bangalore

Farmhouse In Bangalore

Farmhouse In Bangalore

Farmhouse In Bangalore

Camphalli FarmHouse In Bangalore

This Farmhouse Located in Bangalore the hearts of the Farm, This farmhouse is surrounded by gardens, farm acres and close to ponds.

As soon as you enter the Camphalli farmhouse, there is a huge hall with doors taking to two separate twinning rooms. One of the section has a bathroom within.
There is a kitchen adjacent to these twinning rooms. The entrance for this kitchen is also through the long hall.
The kitchen has an in built traditional cooking unit and also a stove where most of the cooking for the farm happens.
The kitchen is equipped to cook for 100+ individuals.
The area of the Farmhouse is around 2200sft and is well equipped with required amenities. Camphalli Farmhouse stay in Bangalore has comfortable bedding for 15 adults.

Camphalli Farmhouse Amenities –

1. 15 Beds

2. Good air and ventilation

3. A long huge hall with enough seating arrangement

4. Western Bathroom

5. Kitchen

6. Access to outside bathrooms, farm land and Goshala.

Advance booking required for Farmhouse In Bangalore.

Campers/ Farmhouse Stay enthusiasts will be charged per head for any of the accommodation.

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